Committed to Conservation & Community-Building

At East Africa Safari Ventures, conservation is at the forefront of everything we do. Our philosophy about environmentally responsible travel is simple: we must work with and benefit local communities. We believe that travel has the power to protect wildlife, support people and preserve cultural heritage – principles we view not only as our goal, but our responsibility.

In Africa, effective conservation cannot exist apart from the involvement of local communities that are affected by policies and practices implemented to protect resources and wildlife. When tourism provides viable economic alternatives to resource depletion, there is incentive to join conservation initiatives.

Many properties in our portfolio are on community land and are a major source of income. Conservation fees paid by all guests are given to the community or utilised for specific projects. Community members employed by tourism enterprises are also ambassadors for their own culture, teaching our guests the art of spear throwing or how to use a bow and arrow. Some properties are hosted by tribesmen who join guests to talk about their culture. We believe our travellers will experience East Africa most fully through meaningful cultural experiences.

In addition to supporting communities via our safaris, we are proud to have a long association with other conservation projects throughout Kenya that are at the forefront of environmental change and raising conservation awareness.