Luxury Mobile Camp

Our Luxury Mobile Camps are all about an authentic safari experience, stripped of the unnecessary barriers to an intimate, exclusive wilderness, without sacrificing any comfort or convenience.​ Step back in time to the days of the original safari pioneers. Where the fire crackles and you are surrounded by the wide-open expanse of the bush and the open night sky wraps around you. Hear the loud, thunderous sound of a lion’s roar as you realize that there is nothing but the canvas of your tent and the crisp night air that separates you from the East Africa’s top predator.

Remote is the New Luxury

Our Luxury Mobile Camp has the ability to place you exactly where you want to be, at exactly the right time in order to experience the best wildlife. With a private team of staff to take care of your every need – including a chef, tent attendant and waiters, the camp is tailored to your needs. Your menu, drinks list, rooming and tent configuration can all be pre-planned with you.​

East Africa Safari Ventures’ mobile camps can be situated all over Kenya and offer the freedom to explore breath-taking locations and extraordinary wildlife all undisturbed by crowds but always close to the action.

With unfettered access to remote locations, guests young and old can get closer to nature with experiences unique to you and your group. Your Private Guide will tailor each days’ activities to create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are an agent and require access to our Agent Zone please email us.  High resolution images of the East Africa Safari Ventures Luxury Mobile Camp are also available on request.