Brad Hansen

Brad Hansen was born in South Africa in 1981. After studying agriculture and spending many years working as a guide and running safari companies throughout Africa, Brad decided to follow his passion for African wildlife by moving to Arusha, Tanzania.  Now, as a qualified guide and tracker (FGASA), Brad has guided countless trips through Tanzania’s Northern Circuit and is intimately acquainted with this region that encompasses the Serengeti Plains.  He has a special interest in walking and tracking and enjoys getting his guests out of their vehicles for a different safari experience.

In between safaris in Tanzania, Brad has been the head naturalist and team member on numerous expeditions throughout Africa run by a leading National Geographic filmmaker, and Africa’s most travelled man, Kingsley Holgate. He was involved in the world’s first circumnavigation of Africa along the coast by means of a Land Rover, covering some 35,000 miles. He was also part of an expedition that followed and documented the Great Rift Valley from start to finish.  Most recently he was part of an expedition to find and become the very first people to discover the geographic centre point of the African Continent deep in the Congo Basin Rainforest.