Exclusivity, remote wilderness, authentic experiences and mindfulness … this is the luxury we strive for on safari. The allure of Africa is not knowing what encounters and experiences each day will hold. It’s about gaining a deep and profound understanding of a continent, its’ wildlife and people that is so different from our modern, connected lives. It’s about creating lifelong memories.

For us, luxury is not only defined by infinity pools, thread count, butlers and white-glove service. We also believe it’s about immersing yourself in the experience – whether it be encounters with wildlife or local cultures, all set against a backdrop of pristine African wilderness. Exceptional quality and comfort are a must, but how this is achieved is what makes East Africa Safari Ventures stand out.

Tailor-made Safaris About Us

When you travel with East Africa Safari Ventures, you get access to accommodations, wilderness areas and experiences that we believe can make your safari truly special. One of these is having your very own, exclusive-use luxury tented camp, set up just for you in remote, private locations.

Disconnect from the frenetic, digital world and escape from the crowds as you share the experience of Africa with only the friends and family who are special to you. As you’re the only guests, all arrangements and activities are tailored to you, managed by the camp crew and your Private Guide. Our exclusive-use camps can also be twinned with other private accommodations, so your entire safari experience is completely exclusive.

Tented Camps Privately Guided

Creating Memories

‘…it feels like we’ve known each other for much more than two weeks. It was so much fun and I hope we see each other again’.  Julian M, Switzerland