Jeff Trollip

Jeff’s love for all things wild and natural was developed at an early age growing up between South Africa and London.  At the age of 18, he set of on a solo overland adventure heading from South Africa to Europe and this was the catalyst for the next 13 years, which Jeff spent in some of the wildest and remotest corners of Africa.

Jeff started his guiding career at some of the most highly acclaimed lodges in South Africa. Feeling that this was still only a small part of the continent and wanting to explore more, he worked in countries further north including Namibia and a hugely ambitious restoration project at Gorongosa National Park in central Mozambique. For four years he immersed himself in various conservation projects within the park and had a diverse role, including lion projects community and tourism development, guide training, anti-poaching initiatives and even involvement in various film and media projects.

His inquisitive nature then drew him to East Africa and the Selous Game Reserve was to be his home for the next two years. He oversaw a large and pivotal camp as well as conducted specialized walking safaris training and firearms training to local Tanzanians wanting to become safari guides, a role that he continues with today. He is an accomplished deep sea and freshwater spin fisherman and takes part in annual competitions.

Jeff now leads privately guided safaris throughout East and Southern Africa. His passion for the natural world is both infectious and unwavering, and his belief that responsible tourism it the key to protecting wild areas makes for a perfect Safari.