Liz Mugure

Senior Safari Consultant

Liz Mugure, with East Africa Safari Ventures since 2009, is our Kenya Destination Manager, overseeing all Kenya operations and traveler experiences in Kenya. Appropriately, Liz was born and raised in Nairobi, where she later received a degree in business and information technology from Strathmore University. She came to realize, though, that her true passion is tourism—and as our Kenya Destination Manager, she’s been able to combine her business acumen with her talent for creating outstanding custom safari itineraries for our clients. Liz specialises in tailor-made East Africa safaris to Kenya and Tanzania, having traveled extensively throughout both countries. Outside the office, she enjoys road trips out of town, and camping and swimming with friends and family. On Christmas Day 2012 Liz welcomed her first child, Liam, into the world. He’s sure to grow up as passionate about East Africa and its wildlife as his mother is, if she has anything to say about it!

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