With the stunning backdrop of Mount Kenya, the dramatic Laikipia region stretches from the slopes of this majestic mountain in the East to the West where the Laikipia Plateau falls off the shoulder of the Aberdares to the Great Rift Valley below.

From acacia woodlands to expansive dry savannahs this is a region of extremes. With spectacular escarpments that fall away into the surrounding arid lands below and the mighty Ewaso Nyiro river forging its way through the terrain, seasonally giving life to these desolate areas.

Much of the Laikipia region is made up of community owned ranches, privately owned farms and wildlife conservancies and due to this Laikipia supports the second highest density of wildlife in Kenya and after Tsavo has the second largest wilderness area. Strong conservation efforts within this region make Laikipia one of Kenya’s most exciting and adventurous wilderness areas with an amazing array of wildlife including lion, leopard, elephant and buffalos as well as many rarer species such as striped hyenas, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and wild dog.

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Due to this strong focus on conservation Laikipia’s wildlife sanctuaries have become centres for global conservation leaders. Amongst these is the Lewa, Ol Pejeta and Solio Wildlife Conservancies which has been a major catalyst for conservation of wildlife and its habitat in particular their critical role in sustaining endangered rhinoceros.

On the private ranches and conservancies of Laikipia, traditional early morning and late afternoon wildlife drives are extended into night drives in search of nocturnal species. Also offered are nature walks with armed trackers and guides, horseback and camel safaris, and cultural encounters with local tribal people. Visit one of any number of community areas, on which the local Laikipian Maasai and Samburu communities uses 80% of its land for conservation activity while upholding their traditions and cattle grazing on the remainder. Freedom of experience is what Laikipia is all about. Viewing giraffe, zebra and even rhino and big cats from the back of a well-trained horse is like no other safari experience. Or get above it all in a Waco bi-plane, allowing you to have a real “Out of Africa” experience high above the savannah.

Remote camps on private ranchland conservancies in the Laikipia region offer rhino sightings and secluded game drives.