Northern Frontier District

For anyone with a sense of adventure and exploration, the Northern Frontier District is indeed the last frontier. Wild in spirit, remote in nature it is one of the oldest, most unexplored & spectacularly vast destinations in the world. The northern terrain is also extraordinarily beautiful and unlike no other in East Africa.

Vast and highly complex, the Northern Frontier District stretches across much of the top of north-eastern Kenya and is the home to a number of remote tribes. The Samburu, the Cushite Rendille and their camel trains. The Turkana and Pokot continue to live in this inhospitable land as they have done for centuries.

Although not as heavily populated as the southern regions, the wildlife populations of the Northern Frontier are healthy and you have the opportunity to see rarer species such as wild dog, striped hyena and Grevy zebras.

Just like the varied terrain, this frontier lends itself to extreme experiences that are out of the ordinary and allow total immersion in the surrounds. East Africa Safari Ventures specialises in unique ways to experience this frontier of epic proportions that remains one of the most exciting and adventurous natural playgrounds in Africa.

An adventure walking safari through fiercely unspoiled semi-arid country with the northern mountains rising dramatically to 9000 feet around you. Quad bike or buggy down 1km wide luggas and fly camp under the stars on the dry river bed or stop to watch nomadic tribes finding water for their camel trains where no one would think possible. Or why not soar above it all on a scenic flight of a lifetime. by helicopter or airplane, the diversity of terrain will blow you away. From the great Ewaso Nyiro of Samburu, over the Matthews Mountains home to forest elephant, onto Mt Nyiru, where an ancient podocarpus forest flourishes, and finally finishing on the shores of Lake Turkana,the world’s largest desert lake, this flight will leave you breathless with the endless possibilities of this great region.

In Samburu and the wild North isolated unique camps and lodges provide a profound sense of solitude.