Nyungwe National Park

The spectacularly beautiful Nyungwe National Park is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa.  Nyungwe is considered a rainforest for good reason, with over 70% of Rwanda’s water supplied from this region.  One of the highlights of Nyungwe is the canopy walkway, suspended 70m above a ravine.  The suspension bridge is 160m long and accessible as part of the Igishigishigi trail and offers spectacular views over the ancient treetops of this lush montane rain forest. 

Not only is Rwanda home to gorillas, it also has a chimpanzee population.  Nyungwe National Park is one of the top destinations for chimpanzee trekking.  The chimps live in family groups and move around every day, they can often be heard before they are seen.  An early start is required for chimp tracking and some determination is required to navigate the steep, slippery and muddy terrain, once the chimps are found, you will spend an hour with them. 

For those who enjoy walking and trekking Nyungwe offers 15 trails where people can immerse themselves in the delights of the forest, home to 140 orchid, 322 bird species and a host of other primates including, colobus,  golden, L’Hoest’s, owl faced, Dent’s, blue and vervet – alongside olive baboons as well as the nocturnal potto and bushbabies.  Along the way you can also take in the delights of tea plantations and the beautiful Isumo Waterfall.