Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world and is bordered by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.  Tanzania’s shore line is one of the least visited areas but is a superb region for bird watching and game fishing.  Lake Victoria is the source of the River Nile and covers approximately 68,800 square kilometers that is about the same size as Ireland.  Although huge in its breadth the lake is relatively insignificant in its depth measuring only 100 meters down at its deepest point, in part because the waters fill a shallow depression in the centre of great plateau of the Rift Valley. Within the lake itself are a group of 85 islands known as the Ssese all of which are unique with their own wildlife and people.

Lake Victoria is home to some incredible birdlife, huge nesting colonies of egrets, cormorants and gannets, majestic fish eagles can also be regularly spotted.  As with many other lakes there are also large population of crocodiles and hippos.

Rubondo Island is 25,000 hectares of paradise in the south-western corner of the expansive Lake Victoria.  It is the largest island national park on the continent and is all but untouched by man.  One of the highlights of the island are the chimpanzees.  A process of habituation is currently taking place with the wild born decedents of the first chimpanzees, introduced to the island in the 1960’s.  This means that the chimpanzees are being acclimatised to the presence of humans and guests are able to visit the chimpanzees and observe them within their natural environment.

Chimpanzees are not the only wildlife highlight on the island.  Elephants roam wild, colourful birds and butterflies flit through the boughs of pristine indigenous forest, and the waters teem with the iconic Nile Perch.  Canoe rides can be arranged around the island to get a closer look at the area without being restricted to the land.
Rubondo Island Camp is the only camp on the island and has unrivalled access to this one-of-a-kind destination.