Ngorongoro Crater & Karatu

Rightly known as the ‘eighth  wonder of the world’, the Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  A visit to the crater is like stepping back to the beginning of time. Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact volcanic caldera in the world and considered to be a highlight of many East African itineraries.  The crater itself is actually a caldera born two to three millennia ago as a result of a volcanic explosion, which then collapsed in on itself.  The force of nature that created this natural phenomenon can be imagined when gazing at the towering walls that enclose the crater.

Besides the breath taking and almost prehistoric natural beauty of this area you can also expect to see wildlife; lots and lots of wildlife!  All the animals you would expect to see on a good safari are easily spotted; elephants, big cats and hyenas.  Animal sightings more specific to the crater are black rhino and a number of different species of jackals.

Around the crater, and in the nearest town Karatu, there are a selection of lodges, manor houses, camps and hotels.  The lodges on the rim of the crater have views which are perhaps among the most spectacular in the world, and are ideally located for the descent into the crater on your morning game drive.  Within Karatu, only an hours drive from the crater, there are also smaller and more intimate lodges and guest houses which also offer additional activities such as local walking tours and horse riding.