Sept 22nd Nairobi, Kenya

Start Point: Nairobi, Kenya
End Point: Oscar’s Place, Migori, Kenya
KMs travelled today: 347
Total KMs: 347

Captain’s Log … Day 1 …

It’s been a crazy week. The idea for this Nairobi – Cape Town ‘African Adventure’ was conceived as soon as Kian settled on St Andrew’s School in Grahamstown, South Africa. That was about three years ago, so you think we’d have had time to get ourselves prepared!

Instead, things have been crazy, trying to get everything together and last night was my first attempt to try and fit everything I wanted to take inside the car … which it didn’t! We managed to make it all work and this morning we set off in our smartly-stickered Toyota Hilux, albeit with a couple of bags and a folding toilet seat attached to the roof.

Over the last few days, we have spent time with, and said goodbye to everyone, before the journey. This included friends, family, the Queen and our two dogs, Yoyo and Rey, who looked rather forlorn as we pulled out of the driveway without them.

Migori Kenya

Today’s drive was all about putting down some miles towards Kenya’s western most border crossing point with Tanzania, Isabania. Our drive took us across the dusty Great Rift Valley at its narrowest point (about 40km), through the dry wheat fields that ring the northern side of the Maasai Mara and off into the fertile rolling hills of western Kenya. After months of being concerned about droughts in much of the country, it was a welcome change to drive through lush tea and sugarcane fields and experience a prolonged heavy downpour (we had to squeeze the bags from the roof in next to Kian on the back seat!).

Migori Kenya

We’ve finally arrived at Oscar’s Place, a hidden Airbnb gem about 30km from the Tanzania border. We’re all a bit tired from the trip and the events of the last few days. Tonight will involve a bowl of pasta, glass of wine and hopefully a nice long sleep. We even made a friend of the farm dog, newly christened snowflake, who’s keeping us company in the absence of our own pooches.

The adventure really kicks off tomorrow as we cross into Tanzania. This will be where our bird and mammal count will begin and everywhere will be part of the new exploration for Kian, with lots of new places for me and Gillian as well.

Wish us luck …

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