The Nest Children’s Home

Since 1994, The Nest has been providing care for children whose mothers are imprisoned. In keeping with the Charleson family’s long tradition of supporting this vital outreach in Limuru, Kenya, East Africa Safari Ventures has committed, since 2008, to providing The Nest with the support it needs to make a difference in the lives of the children and their mothers.

For countless women in Kenya, poverty and single parenting are a way of life. Lacking education, and without a husband to provide for the family, a woman often turns to theft or commercial sex to meet her family’s basic needs. When a woman is imprisoned for criminal behavior, there may be no one available to take care of her children. In accord with Kenyan courts and social services, The Nest provides protective custody for children whose mothers are in prison. The staff welcomes and comforts each child, integrating them into the daily routine of social activities, schooling and chores. When a mother is released from prison, The Nest brings her to its Halfway House to reside with her child/ren in safety. Staff work with each woman to develop better parenting and life-management skills. After several weeks, The Nest helps the family return to its home. The Nest covers school fees and helps the woman establish a simple small business so that they have a viable and legal form of income.

Read more about The Nest here.

How We Help

  • Through East Africa Safari Ventures, our clients directly support The Nest via a contribution made from the cost of each safari. These funds are donated to the home to provide for the basic needs of the children.
  • Our guests may visit the home before or after their safari. The Nest has two facilities; one home which accommodates infant to pre school children and a second home for older children. Volunteers for the infant and pre school home are welcomed on a daily basis, and visitors may simply come and play with the children or help out with daily nurturing. Those interested in The Nest’s work with older children can pay a short visit to the school/boarding facilities.
    East Africa Safari Ventures clients may also choose to sponsor a housemother or social worker on an ongoing basis.
  • Our staff and their families regularly make donations of used clothing and toys to The Nest.