Copy Copy of Safari at Sea

This is not a beach holiday! It is an opportunity to dive deeper into the fabulous East Africa Coastline, with its warm waters, wonderful mangrove forests, extensive seagrass beds, rich coral reefs and lesser known Arabic/Swahili/Portuguese culture.

We live on a blue planet, almost 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. However few people are able to experience, up close, the immense diversity and richness of these ecosystems.

Conservation is central to this experience, we aim for you to leave with a greater appreciation and love for the seas and oceans. During your sea safari we can arrange for you to meet with scientists, marine conservationists and communities to help you understand the ever changing nature of the deep blue you will be exploring.

The great wildebeest migration through Tanzania and Kenya is well known. Around the same time, deep in the oceans surrounding East Africa, another mammal, of the marine kind, is also migrating. The majestic hump back whales are journeying from the Antarctic to Somalia in their thousands, following the food to warmer waters and for mating and breading.

Trading your 4×4 for a boat, this safari is mobile, bringing you up close and personal with the amazing plant and marine life of the sea. We trade in the big 5 for coral reef fish, sea turtles, groupers, sharks, barracudas, manta rays, dolphins and if you are lucky and time it right the elusive dugong, and humpback whales on their northern migration. You can watch from the boat, or better still, where permitted and under the direction of one of our experienced guides, join the marine creatures in their environment.