Copy Travel and Volunteer

 With a Conservation Project

At East Africa Safari Ventures, conservation is at the forefront of all we do. Our philosophy about environmentally responsible travel is simple: we must work with and benefit local communities. We believe that travel has the power to protect wildlife, support people and preserve cultural heritage – principles we view not only as our goal, but our responsibility. And we are thrilled when our guests want to combine travel and volunteering and become involved with this mission, too.

While wildlife takes centre stage for most safari-goers, clients with East Africa Safari Ventures discover that the most rewarding travel happens when you also immerse yourself in a destination, its people and their culture. So often, it’s the individuals you meet and the challenges and accomplishments faced by community members that stay with you most powerfully. Such interactions foster understanding, and with that comes the inspiration to make a difference to a person, a school or a community. Even the smallest contribution helps. With that in mind, we offer you the opportunity to volunteer with one of the two main community-focused projects we support:

Mpopongi Primary School

East Africa Safari Ventures has chosen to support Mpopongi Primary School where volunteers may assist teachers, work with school children, or help with maintenance at the school.

The Nest

Our clients have the opportunity to extend their experience in Africa by volunteering at The Nest for a day or several, helping the staff provide loving care for the children in residence.