Samburu Camel Expedition

Unlike a vehicle-based safari, a walking safari in Africa allows you to enjoy a more intimate insight into Kenya’s animals and its people. These safaris are walking safaris supported fully by camels, vehicles are not used and the camels carry the entire camp and luggage. By using camels rather than vehicles we can get to areas that vehicles cannot reach, it is a very peaceful way of travelling through the landscape. A Samburu camel safari is the ideal means of traveling through northern Kenya.

Escape the constraints of a vehicle and lose yourself in the wilds where no car can pass and the camel train is the only traffic for miles. Your guides and hosts are the local Laikipia Maasai and Samburu. Every day is unique and every safari is custom designed to suit different interests or needs. You walk through a great variety of country from high montane forest to broad sand rivers called luggas. With the changes in habitat come changes in ecology, habitat and wildlife. On safari you awake with the rising sun, eat a delicious breakfast prepared by the chefs, and begin the journey.

You are accompanied by a Laikipia Masai tracker and a few riding camels who carry our refreshments and day-packs. The pack camels and camp follow behind but often times they pass you as you inspect the things we encounter along the way. You will arrive at your next camp to be greeted with a cool drink and a gourmet lunch. The afternoon is normally spent relaxing, enjoying a river, or a read before going for an evening walk and sundowners. In the evening hot showers are offered before drinks by the fire and a three-course dinner under the stars. With your feet up and a cool drink in your hand, you’re reminded how simple true luxury really is.