Rhino Tracking Sera Conservancy

A group of black rhino were re-introduced to Sera Conservancy rhino sanctuary to spread and increase Kenya’s black rhino population and encourage visitors to the remote and stunning part of the country with a fully community-focused ideology to encourage the sustainable benefits of conservation.

The vast rhino sanctuary has been fenced in what is one of the most advanced conservation projects in Kenya. An expert Samburu guide takes you on a game drive you a tracking distance away from the nearest rhino, leaving the vehicle and continuing on foot (very lightly to not give away our presence) to metres from the grazing rhino. The tension is palpable as you come across the rhino in such close proximity for the first time; heart beating, pulse racing, curiosity and excitement mounting – it doesn’t get more thrilling than this!

The reasons why this experience is unique are many: it is the first community conservancy in Africa to own and operate a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of the critically endangered black rhino; it is the first time the black rhino is back in Northern Kenya 30 years after they were poached and eradicated from this territory; it is the first time a black rhino tracking experience has been available in Kenya, and it is done with Samburu guides who share their local, authentic insight and culture.