My Passion is Guiding – Joe Charleson

I love to fuel a travellers desire to experience new ways of life and off-the-beaten-track exploration to take in vast scenery, unspoilt eco- systems, wildlife and the heritage of local cultures. I am always looking for new destinations that will take you away from the crowds and off the beaten track where you can enjoy some of the remotest, most serene and beautiful corners of Africa.

Conservation is at the heart of my guiding. My philosophy has always been environmentally responsible travel which supports wildlife conservation and local communities. I believe that travel has the power to protect wildlife, support people and preserve cultural heritage. Developing a safari with conservation in mind can lead to some truly memorable experiences; trekking with gorillas in Uganda, walking with the Maasai in private conservancies in Kenya, joining researchers as they track cheetah through the Serengeti or following orphaned elephants as they gather the tools they need for their return to the wild.

Some of my most remote adventures have included living and guiding at a camp in the inhospitable Makgadigadi Salt Pans on the edge of the Kalahari Desert where my career started, leading walking safaris through the pristine Naimenenkio forest on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, exploring Kenya’s Northern Frontier District on buggies, meeting local tribes along the way and flying to otherwise inaccessible peaks of ancient mountain ranges.

Family and larger group safaris have always been one of my great passions. With the arrival of our son, Kian 8yrs ago, a new dimension was added to my safari experiences, bringing a deeper appreciation for the joy of learning, and sharing knowledge about Africa’s, remarkable wildlife and fascinating inhabitants, with people of all ages. There is nothing quite like a family or shared adventure to excite your travelling passions.

What makes a safari memorable for me, are those experiences that are once in a lifetime. I am always keen to try something new and have had some amazing experiences with clients who have wanted to quad bike through dry river beds, helicopter across the lakes, lava flows, deserts and valleys of the Great Rift Valley, get up close to newly released orphan elephants, scuba dive off the coast of Zanzibar and trek through unexplored hills and mountains in Kenya.

If there is somewhere you have always wanted to go, or something you have always wanted to see, contact me and we can explore and head on an adventure of discovery together!