Joe, Gillian and Kian in the US

In 2020, we’re delighted that all of the Charlesons – Joe, Gillian & Kian – will be traveling to the USA for an American Easter safari!

Part of the reason for the trip is Kian’s music, arts and drama school field trip to the Big Apple, onto which Joe and Gillian will add a mix of work and fun activities, catching up with old safari companions as well as meeting some new folks interested in planning their own amazing safari adventures soon.

This year’s tentative schedule is below … but, like any good safari, could be adjusted whilst we’re on the road:

March 23rd – 30th        Joe on his own on the west coast – LA, San Francisco and maybe a visit further north as well

March 31st – April 6th  New York City and nearby places within easy reach

April 7th – 9th               Denver and Boulder

April 10th – 14th           Vail (Kian’s never really seen snow before)

If we’re going to be passing through your neck of the woods, or near someone who you think might like to meet with us, please let us know so we can arrange to get in touch.

All the best from Africa – Joe, Gillian, Kian and the EASV Team

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