EASV Lewa Marathon Team

It’s that time of year again and we want to introduce you to the EASV Lewa Marathon Team and the cause for which they are raising money.

For a second year the Lewa Conservancy, along with the rest of the African continent, faces a recovery from the legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic against a backdrop of uncertainty. The devastating social and economic impact of the pandemic continues to threaten both livelihoods and the future of Kenya’s valuable natural heritage. They are asking supporters to run 5km, 10km, 21km or even 42km around your garden, streets, local park, beach or treadmill in support of those hit by the far-reaching effects of the pandemic.

EASV’s second Lewa Marathon

Last year Joe & Kian took part in the first Virtual Lewa Marathon – this was also their first ever event. This year we’re enlisting a few other friends to join our EASV Lewa Marathon team – Rhinos Running Wild 2021 and we aim to raise a total of $5,000.

Meet the Team

Joe Charleson
Joe will be running the full marathon (42km/26miles) and has set a fundraising target of $4000. Last year Joe finished in 4h04m and with your help, raised $4,419. This year he’s enlisted a few other friends (including our 4-legged family) to join each of their teams. In addition to fundraising Joe aims to finish this years marathon in less than 4hrs.

The Charleson Lewa Marathon finish line last year

Kian Chaleson
Last year Kian joined Joe to take part in the first Virtual Lewa Marathon – this was his first ever event. This year Thomas Gilbody, Mwangaza Lee and Ben Edwards (taking part from Dorset) are joining him in the 10km (6.2 miles) run. Please support them in their efforts to raise $1,000 ($250 each) to ensure that rhinos will be thriving for generations to come.

Rey “Woof” Charleson
The potential star of our team! “I was rescued from the Kibera slum by the KSPCA and the Charleson family gave me a home last Sept – I am just 1yr old. I am very energetic and discovered that Joe also loves running, so I have joined him in training (I help pull him up hills though he needs training on downward dog!). I also discovered that I love the bush as much as they do and can’t wait to run in my first Virtual Lewa Marathon – my last run was 15km and I’m sure that I can run the half marathon (21km/13 miles) to raise $100. Jumping on the trampoline also helps keep me fit! Join us all in supporting a cause close to our hearts.”

The Support Team
Our support team consists of Gillian and the boy’s parents and friends who will be there to cheer them on. The Charleson’s other dog Yoyo will also be eagerly barking his support, though he is enthusiastic to run, he struggles to do much more than 5km.

Beautiful Bisil

While we will miss taking part on the conservancy, running alongside African predators including lion, leopard, hyena and wild dog. We will be doing our run in an area just outside Nairobi called Bisil. While we might not run across predators, we will be running amongst giraffe, zebra and various antelope.

How you can help

Our fundraising total is an ambitious $5000! Join Rhinos Running Wild 2021, the EASV Lewa Marathon team, in supporting a cause close to our hearts. Visit our Go Fund me page for more information and to help our dedicated team reach their goal.