Did you know  12th of August, 2015 is world elephant day? To mark the occasion we are focusing on Ithumba “elephant”  camp in the North of Kenya.

In Tsavo East above the Galana River and between bush and acacia trees lies the exclusive and stylishly rustic self-catering private Ithumba  Camp designed for group travellers,  whom relish being off the beaten track.

The camp consists of four tents which are booked exclusively to one group. Built as a conservation initiative to support the Kenya Wildlife Service, by David Sheildrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in 2005, with the proceeds from the BBC Elephant Diaries series to protect and conserve the northern area of Tsavo East.  East Africa Safari Ventures is proud to be a long time supporter of DSWT.

Once a designated campsite of the KWS, the area has varied and exceptional wildlife  for the connoisseur of pristine wilderness. Ideal for people who are thrilled by the intricacies of nature as a whole and  will savour the unspoilt aspect of a truly wild place. This is one of the last great wilderness areas on earth. Here we seek the animals rather than expecting them to be standing by the roadside and the area is best suited to those who are not only  interested in the Big Five, but in all aspects of nature.

Staying at Ithumba gives the explorer a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphaned elephants, whom have come from the Nairobi orphanage, where they are habituated then released to Tsavo East, only a short drive from the intimate tented camp. Surrounded by  stunning terrain you are able to connect with the elephants of this region in a very special way.  If you are part of the elephant adoption programme run by DSWT you can also experience the unique opportunity to visit the elephants in their daily routine. From 6 a.m. its feeding time, 11 a.m. mud bath and 5 p.m. feeding time.

The routine of the elephants and their keepers, allows you to experience firsthand the extraordinary work of the David Sheldrick Trust and to see why they are at the forefront of elephant conservation.

Attached below are some images of one of our trips to Ithumba.  At East Africa Safari Ventures we can build this experience into a tailor made custom safari.