Kipsing is a very remote area of Northern Kenya, which lends itself to an unparalleled exclusive quad safari. Following century old elephant routes and tracks along sand luggas fringed with desert palms.  The attached video was taken on a recent quad biking safari when the guests were lucky enough to encounter a herd of elephants.  The stunning surroundings and freedom will take your breath away.

A full day’s expedition takes you further into the arid wilderness of this area. However to fully immerse yourself, you need to stay out under the stars for a few nights. On a long trip there is plenty of opportunity to see some of the remote tribes of this region such as Samburu, Pokot, Rendille and Borana. These tribes live along the Kipsing lugga which is the life source of this region. Whether it is in flood or completely dry, these tribes come to the riverbed to draw water, bathe and water their cattle, continuing their nomadic way of life.

Due to the remoteness of this region, wildlife is minimal but their is a great possibility of seeing rarer species such as wild dog, leopard, aardvark and striped hyena.

At the end of each day, you will be greeted by the staff who will attend to you with drinks and hot showers! As the sun sinks, you might head out for a game walk or drive, and in the evening be serenaded by the colourful nomadic tribes around a camp fire.

Sleeping out under the African sky in a starbed is one of the best sleeps you will ever have. A truly magical end to each day.

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