Endangered Species

Wildlife and conservation are at the very heart of East Africa Safari Ventures. We are committed to finding solutions that save the wonderful array of wildlife on this continent by working closely with local communities and creating awareness through our safaris.

Humans are behind the current rate of species extinction and there are a few African species on this list. By creating awareness through empowering people to protect wildlife, stopping wildlife crime, supporting wildlife conservation and elevating wildlife’s worth we go along way in raising the much needed awareness of the plight of endangered species and creating lasting solutions to many of the issues.

The good news is we have also seen what is working. By supporting this drive in conservation we have been part of many successful wildlife recovery stories throughout East Africa from elephants and black rhinos in Kenya, gorillas in Rwanda and chimpanzees in Uganda. And all this while helping to protect rich and varied ecosystems and ensuring people continue to benefit from nature.

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