Trekking – Loita Hills

Escape the constraints of a vehicle and immerse yourself in stunning wilderness on this unique hiking tour. On your hiking trip you will walk with the local Maasai into Kenya’s remote Loita Hills. Rarely visited by outsiders, this region offers an exclusive and exciting complement to a stay in the Maasai Mara. Your guide will take you on this walking tour through the homeland of the Maasai Purko clan accompanied by a local tribesman.  Spend 3-6 days trekking through the 200-square-kilometre Sacred Forest filled with cedar, podo and strangler figs, waterfalls, and spectacular birdlife. The area is inaccessible to vehicles, and the wilderness is relatively untouched. Some 2,000 colobus monkeys roam the trees, and you’re also likely to see or find evidence of elephant, buffalo, baboon, bushbuck, bush pig, leopard and hyena.

A hiking adventure with Maasai guides offers you a chance to spend extended time together, creating a genuine and mutual opportunity to learn about one another’s lives, to exchange stories and laughs around the campfire, and to build friendships through a shared immersion in this wondrous bush landscape. There’s no need to haul a heavy load – donkeys carry our lightweight camp to base, located deep within the forest near natural springs and hippo pools. All you carry is your day pack. And lest you think that a walking safari means you must forsake creature comforts, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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