Adventure Fly Camping

There is nothing like camping out in Africa under a starry night sky, lulled to sleep by a gentle symphony of nocturnal sounds. And fly camping is as close as you can come to an authentic experience of how traditional nomads and early explorers travelled, immersed in the pure tranquillity and raw excitement of the bush. Fly camping (sleeping out beneath a nylon fly) in the wilderness areas of Kenya & Tanzania’s national parks is a perfect complement to a longer stay at one of many luxury camps or lodges located throughout these countries. The freedom of movement, the intimacy of the simple camp and the thrill of being so close to nature is the pinnacle of many guests’ safaris. This type of camp is light enough to move easily, but still retains the everyday luxuries that characterise the more substantial camps – hot bucket showers, comfortable bedding, and cold drinks served with gourmet food. Fly camping safaris are generally for one night but can be extended when combined with exhilarating longer hiking safaris, where camps can only be accessed on foot.

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