Tanzania Adventure Safari

An active immersion in the African wild! Game drives, bush walks, night drives, fly camping and more…

For most travellers, an East Africa safari is a once-in-a-lifetime dream trip. Yet the majority end up on a standardised package, never leaving the confines of a vehicle, jockeying to see wildlife surrounded by crowds of tourists, and sleeping in conventional lodges. That’s why we do things differently! On a custom Tanzania adventure safari, you’ll still enjoy game drives. But you’ll also experience the bush far more intimately on guided walks that reveal sights and secrets you would otherwise miss. You’ll see nocturnal wildlife on night drives in private reserves. Experience fly-camping under an ebony sky glittering with stars, as you fall asleep to the sounds of the African night. Choose an optional horseback safari for a day. With East Africa Safari Ventures, you’ll experience Tanzania as few do: personally and authentically.

Trip Highlights

  • See Tanzania’s most famous wildlife parks – Serengeti, Ngorongro Crater and Tarangire — in a private and secluded manner, featuring small camps situated where animal viewing is best
  • Visit Manyara Ranch Conservancy, where you’ll experience night game drives, guided game walks, and optional horseback riding in addition to more typical wildlife viewing by vehicle
  • Explore Mto wa Mbu and choose among excursions such as hiking in the Balaa Hills, biking to Lake Manyara, visiting Miwaleni Lake and waterfall, or learn about local agriculture on guided visits to lush farms