Kenyan Family Safari Adventure

Make memories for a lifetime on a family-oriented safari with fun-filled activities for all ages.

For the ultimate family vacation, there’s no topping an Kenyan safari. From great herds of elephant to endangered rhinos, grazing zebra and racing wildebeest to the stealthy felines that pursue them, Kenya’s wildlife is abundant and thrilling. Watch a cheetah sprint across the savanna, or study the green glow of a hyena’s eyes at night. Get amazingly close during game drives from our secluded camps, situated deep within the bush. Cultural visits are also a highlight, as you meet local Maasai herders and experience their unique customs and traditions. In a world of rapidly vanishing natural treasures, the chance for a family to experience the wonders of Africa together is an unsurpassed gift. Let us personalise a Kenyan safari to suit your precise needs and interests, whether you’re an immediate family or travelling with three or more generations!

Trip Highlights

  • Stay on private conservancies in two of Kenya’s renowned wildlife regions – the Maasai Mara, Laikipia and Northern Frontier District – where classic African animals thrive in abundance, far from tourist crowds
  • Enjoy active adventures for all ages, including walking safaris, camel and horseback rides, quad bike excursions, river rafting, hot air balloon flights and classic wildlife drives
  • Meet the Maasai people: visit a village and school, learn about herding and beading, try your hand at throwing a traditional warrior’s spear!