Elephants You Never Forget

Gain intimate insight into elephants from Kenya’s leading researchers & conservationists

If you’re passionate about elephants, you won’t find a more exciting safari than this in-depth immersion into their natural world. Meet and talk with leading conservationists at the world-famous Amboseli Elephant Research Project, where you’ll gain an understanding of elephant behavior and learn to identify them by age and sex, an important orientation for observing them in the wild. Then, travel to two more of Kenya’s renowned reserves for elephants, Samburu in the arid north, and the Tsavo parks, Kenya’s largest protected area that is home to 12,000 elephants. In Nairobi, visit the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and learn about how these youngsters are eventually transitioned back into elephant families in the wild. You’ll have memories for a lifetime!

Trip Highlights

  • Visit the Amboseli Elephant Research Project and learn about the world’s longest-running study of wild elephants
  • Observe elephants from your tent at famous Elephant Watch Camp, and enjoy cultural encounters with the local Samburu community
  • Spend time up close with orphaned elephants in Tsavo as they are gradually transitioned back into the wild